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Accounting for income and expenses 28.03.2022  ·  

Accounting for income and expenses

The configuration allows you to enter data on the organization’s income and expenses into Planfix broken down by custom items and then view this data in various sections. Try...Further

Passing the ball 28.03.2022  ·  

Passing the ball

Often, not all employees in the company actively work with the chronicle. It is very easy to miss a message on a task where you are not the executor, but there they are directly waiting for an answer from you. They wait and cannot work further until...Further

Standard Reports 28.03.2022  ·  

Standard Reports

A set of standard reports that simplify your daily routine: Employee performance Incomplete tasks that are delayed by deadlines Rejected tasks Overdue tasks Completion of tasks: planned and actual All tasks completed by employees this week Tasks:...Further

Regular Management: Personal Matters for Employees 28.03.2022  ·  

Regular Management: Personal Matters for Employees

Opportunities Fix managerial situations: violations of rules and agreements Monitor the overall situation of the department using a special dashboard An employee can file an appeal if he does not agree with how his manager analyzed the management...Further

Coordination of documents 28.03.2022  ·  

Coordination of documents

During the installation process, you define the stages of approval and the employees who can perform approval at each of the stages. The configuration can be set several times and generate several approval templates, with different stages, for...Further

Internal tasks and projects 28.03.2022  ·  

Internal tasks and projects

Often, tasks are scattered across notes, messengers, mail, and there is no general picture of what is happening in my head. As a result, employees spend all their time on routine tasks, and important projects do not move. How can PlanFix...Further

Company Library 28.03.2022  ·  

Company Library

The “Company Library” configuration allows you to keep a record of books on hand and transfer knowledge in the company. You can keep books as tasks, keep track of who borrowed which books and when, and get feedback on the books...Further

CRM: Receiving and processing applications 23.03.2022  ·  

CRM: Receiving and processing applications

Do you want to see correspondence and orders from all sources in one place? This configuration combines sales and order fulfillment in a common workspace. Opportunities: Accept applications by phone, e-mail, from the site, from instant messengers...Further

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