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CRM: Receiving and processing applications

CRM: Receiving and processing applications
  • collection of calls and orders from all sources
  • communication and document exchange
  • shipment and order fulfillment control

Accept applications and fulfill orders in one system.

Full description

Do you want to see correspondence and orders from all sources in one place? This configuration combines sales and order fulfillment in a common workspace.


  • Accept applications by phone, e-mail, from the site, from instant messengers and social networks
  • Consider all messages, including new comments in old conversations or social media posts
  • Automatically distribute requests among managers for prompt response to the client
  • Monitor order fulfillment and inform customers about it
  • Record not only purchases, but also refusals with an indication of the reason
  • Generate sales reports and view the purchase history of each customer
  • Analyze conversion and bounce reasons

Here you can lead the client from the first question under the post on the social network to the status of “Client of the Year”. Employees of all departments will work in a single system, and customers will receive a decent level of service.

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