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Regular Management: Personal Matters for Employees

Regular Management: Personal Matters for Employees
  • fixing a violation of the rules
  • transparency in interaction in projects
  • history of achievements and misdeeds of employees

If the misconduct of the employee was left without the reaction of the head - "wait for trouble." Impunity breeds permissiveness and degradation. Doing poor quality work, violating deadlines and agreements becomes the norm.

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  • Fix managerial situations: violations of rules and agreements
  • Monitor the overall situation of the department using a special dashboard
  • An employee can file an appeal if he does not agree with how his manager analyzed the management situation
  • Control panel for the owner, CEO, manager and HR director to monitor the overall situation in the company
  • Display a list of situations and dynamics for an individual employee, department, project, process and make management decisions based on facts
  • Fix tasks and link them to managerial situations
  • Analyze situations with fixing the results of their discussion with the employee

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