Lego and plasticine for executives

Most managers are looking for a CRM or ERP system that fits their company’s existing processes. And often this search is long and painful. You spend a lot of time searching, researching and implementing a system, and then it doesn’t fit. You find a new program that seems to fit, and everything starts in a circle. Wasting a lot of time, nerves and money, and the satisfaction of having everything in one system is gone.

Lego and plasticine

Planfix is a constructor that can be flexibly configured without programmers to suit your needs. You don’t need to search and tweak for specific functionality, you can build your own CRM, production management system, employee load management, etc. And all of this will work as a single management system for your company.

The implementation of Planfix will allow you to

  • adjust the performance of tasks by employees on time and not to forget about them;
  • work with email, messengers, internal discussions in one place;
  • communicate with clients via different channels from one system and respond to them promptly;
  • not to miss any customer calls by means of connected telephony (more than 47 ready integrations with different telephony systems);
  • all departments of the company to work in one system;
  • create a convenient working environment for each employee, whatever he or she does in the company;
  • in parallel with the work on tasks and projects, to keep records – of finances, time spent, etc;
  • create your own reports in the desired sections based on any data entered into the system.

Industry and reviews

The Planfix system is now used by companies in over 59 different areas of business. Among them: marketing, web-development, trade, IT-management, manufacturing and industry, design, construction, transportation, education, medicine, tourism, event management, logistics, financial institutions, human resources, insurance, contact centre, etc.

About us

Our company is an official Planfix partner We help managers of companies quickly and accurately establish and implement Planfix in their work. Also provide support services and training of employees on an ongoing basis. More information about all of our services can be found on our website.

Geography of our clients: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe, USA.

To discuss implementation of PlanFix in your company and estimate setup costs, request a free consultation on our website

For dessert

Excerpt from a review by Andrei Bugakov from Startpack:

“There was a comment here somewhere that “there can’t be that many positive reviews…. it’s like everyone is drunk on valerian”. From my own experience, I confirm that it CAN! And no one forced me to write a review, we just stumbled upon PlanFix on this very site. I can’t help but leave a review after six months of active use.

From my experience, I can say that such a large number of positive reviews is a result of the work of the PlanFix team. These guys personally won me over, surprised me, and continue to surprise me. For all that, they are not boasting and bragging about their cool (really cool) system. They just do their job!

Bombastic feedback from support (fast, clear, to the point, gets to the issues. If necessary, they discuss the proposed changes and give well-reasoned answers or include them in the improvement plan.)

Constant development! For those who do not believe me, I advise to read the blog PlanFix or join the telegraph mailing about new developments. Personally, I do not have time to even thoughtfully read the improvements, innovations and tips that constantly appear there.

That said, the system is totally uncomplicated, if you’re too lazy to dig deep. Even the most hardened opponents of implementation are perfectly adapted.

I really hope that this fighting spirit and customer focus will never fade away. Even when PlanFix becomes the market leader, and believe me, it will!