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Company Library

Company Library
  • keeping track of books
  • transfer knowledge in the company
  • get reviews for books read

Automate bookkeeping and knowledge transfer across your company.

Full description

The “Company Library” configuration allows you to keep a record of books on hand and transfer knowledge in the company. You can keep books as tasks, keep track of who borrowed which books and when, and get feedback on the books you’ve read.

A brief video overview of the configuration can be viewed here.

The main feature of the configuration is the minimum required amount of automation with the ability to turn off the excess if you run into the limit of your tariff.

Important details:

  • When renaming objects, you need to check the scripts and the task template;
  • If the robot is superfluous in your case, then change it in all scenarios to the one that is convenient for you;
  • If all employees of the company do not have access to task books, most likely you do not have a standard “All employees” workgroup. In this case, you need to create such a group or make adjustments to the scripts and templates so that the group appears.

If you have any questions regarding the installation and operation of the configuration, you can always contact the author of the configuration or Planfix support for advice.

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