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Passing the ball

Passing the ball
  • task monitoring
  • know when to pass the ball
  • know when to pick up the ball

Task monitoring, where you are waiting for an answer from someone or someone is waiting for an answer from you.

Full description

Often, not all employees in the company actively work with the chronicle. It is very easy to miss a message on a task where you are not the executor, but there they are directly waiting for an answer from you. They wait and cannot work further until they receive an answer.

In this case, it is convenient to see such tasks in a separate place and understand “Oh, here they are waiting for an answer from me” or “Here I am waiting for an answer from a colleague, why does he take so long to answer?”.

This configuration is designed just for such situations. It is very simple and effective. It uses the same principle of “passing the ball” as in the articles on this topic previously described on the Planfix blog. But in those cases, the ball was passed at every comment. This is not very convenient when there is an active correspondence between different people inside the task.

In the same configuration, you decide:

  • when to pass the ball;
  • to whom to pass the ball;
  • when to take the ball back.

The method can be used both for communication with colleagues and with external contacts.

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