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Internal tasks and projects

Internal tasks and projects
  • all tasks of the company in a clear and understandable way
  • a picture of the workload of employees by day and hour
  • everyone will understand what and when to do

Quick start for companies without experience in such systems. Unload the tasks from your head and put them on the shelves. Combine the work of all employees in one system.

Full description

Often, tasks are scattered across notes, messengers, mail, and there is no general picture of what is happening in my head. As a result, employees spend all their time on routine tasks, and important projects do not move.

How can PlanFix help?

  • Unload tasks from the head and put them on the shelves
  • Combine the work of all employees in one system
  • Separate important tasks from routine
  • See what employees are doing and how they are doing
  • Plan the workload of employees on the calendar
  • Monitor the progress of tasks and projects
  • See income and expenses by tasks and projects
  • Keep track of time spent at work

This configuration is a great option for getting started with Planfix.
You will feel the benefits from the first day and will be able to involve colleagues in collaboration.


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