Payment by bank cards is made through CLOSED JOINT-STOCK COMPANY “ALFA-BANK”.

Cards of international payment systems VISA, MasterCard, BELCART payment system are accepted for payment. Payment can also be made through the services of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.

Security of payment is ensured by modern methods of verification, encryption and data transmission over closed communication channels.

The card data is entered through secure authorization page of the bank. To pay, you need to enter the card details: number, holder’s name, expiry date and three-digit security code. The three-digit security code (CVV2 for VISA, CVC2 for MasterCard) is three digits on the back of the card. If the card supports the 3DSecure technology or the Internet password for BELCART cardholders, you will be redirected to the page of the card issuing bank to enter the security code. When paying with Apple Pay, select your card from the Wallet app, use the passcode or other authentication method, depending on which method is selected in the app. When you place an order using Samsung Pay, tap “Pay with Samsung Pay”, enter your Samsung Account, and confirm the purchase on your smartphone (by fingerprint, iris, or Samsung Pay PIN).

The personal information you provide (e.g. name, address, phone number, e-mail, bank card number, etc.) is confidential and must not be disclosed. Card data is transmitted only in encrypted form and is not stored on this website.

Rules of receiving services, procedure and terms of their rendering

Payment and rendering of services after payment is made under a contract for consulting services concluded between the Customer (physical or legal person) and the Contractor (Individual entrepreneur D.V. Martynkevich).

  • Services within the framework of the agreement can be provided by the Contractor:
    – at the Contractor’s office or at the Customer’s office.
  • Each particular service defined in the Customer’s application shall be provided within a reasonable period after receipt of the application, unless a different period is additionally determined by the parties.
  • The Contractor shall commence the performance of the services which are the subject of the contract upon signing the contract, receipt of advance payment from the Customer, receipt of an application for services, submission of other documents or information necessary for the provision of the specific service specified in the application.
  • The contractor relies on information provided by the client or a third party on behalf of the client. Provider will not independently verify or confirm that information.

Conditions and rules for refusal of services

In case of payment by bank card a cash refund is not possible. cash refund is not permitted. Settlements with the consumer upon return of the amount of money paid for the goods, upon Termination of the contract for performance of work (provision of services) shall be made in the same form in which payment for goods, work (services) was made, unless otherwise provided by agreement of the parties.

The refund procedure is regulated by the rules of payment systems.

The procedure of returning the goods is regulated by the Law of the Republic of Belarus of January 9, 2002 N90-З “On protection of consumer rights”. The consumer has the right to unilaterally withdraw from the contract on performance of work (rendering of services) on condition of payment to the provider of the actually incurred expenses, unless otherwise provided by the legislation. A consumer’s claim for an exchange or return of quality goods is subject to satisfaction if the goods have not been used, their consumer properties are preserved and there is evidence of their purchase from the seller.

To get a refund to a bank payment card you need to fill out “Money Refund Application” and send it to

The refund will be credited to your bank payment card within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt of the “Refund Application” by the Company. The refund amount will be equal to the purchase amount.

To obtain a refund on transactions made in error, you must submit a written application and enclose receipts/receipts confirming the erroneous debit. This application must be sent to